Here are some frequent asked question and their answer. Which will resolve problem of users,  thereby they can manage and post their ads without any obstruction.

How to register and sign in Puchojee account?  

Registration on Puchojee takes few steps only

Step-1 Click login/ register tab in the header of the page

Step2- Please enter the following correctly

  • Enter valid mail ID
  • Enter password
  • Re- enter password
  • Submit

After registration,  you can Sign In Puchojee

  • Enter the same email ID, which you used during registration
  • Enter the password, which you used during registration

Is registration of users necessary to post ads?

Registration is necessary if user want to post their ads by himself, otherwise  they can contact with webmaster to post their ads.

What are the benefits of registering ads at puchojee?

  • Get your own user ID
  • Edit, delete, repost and check replies to your ads
  • Help you participate in community discussion

How to add listing on Puchojee?

After Sign In Puchojee,

Step-1  Select category and sub category

Select category and sub category as given below to match the product or services  user wish to sell or promote

For example- If users  are looking for dentist, then its category will be doctor and sub category will be dentist.

Step-2  Enter name, email ID, phone number and suitable title,  which can grasp the attention of the user.

Step-3 In the list of logo detail and logo image  need to provide two portrait image.

Step-4  Proper details

Enter name of city, phone number and proper address.

Step-5  Additional Information

Enter an appropriate title and details to grasp attention, and give enough information about your items or services.

How to get a new password, if someone forget the old one?

  • Click on forget password
  • Enter your email ID, and submit
  • Success message is displayed for sending the mail
  • In the email you will receive click here option, click there
  • Once again , you will found the same page of sign In
  • Enter email ID  and get a new password from email

How to change the  password?

After Sign In Puchojee

  • Click on my profile
  • Click on change password
  • Enter the  current password
  • Enter new password
  • Re- Enter the  new password for confirmation
  • Click on change password.

Your password will successfully edited.


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